Bon appetit bowls

Bon appetit bowls

The perfect showcase for your culinary creations – Bon Appetit Bowls!
Experience the best of both worlds with our eco-friendly clear PLA and paper food bowls – the ideal fusion of sustainability and versatility!
Bowls made from clear PLA are perfect for serving cold meals, like salads, fruits, and snacks. Our Paper bowls PLA-lined, great for takeout hot and cold meals. Our wide bowls and lids come in a range of sizes for the ultimate in style and versatility.
From clear bowls that provide visual appeal to paper bowls that offer reliable convenience, our thoughtfully designed options cater to your needs. Join the movement towards greener dining and elevate your food presentation with eco-friendly flair.

The 185-Series Bon Appetit bowls have a top diameter of 185mm (7.3 inches), offering a glorious wide-angle view of your food.

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