6.5in compostable wooden spoon

Eco-friendly, sturdy and functional wooden spoon. Great for hot or cold foods, from soups to desserts. Excellent for to go meals, table settings or catering events.

Made from sustainably sourced from renewable birchwood.
Rustic Style.

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.



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Product Details

  • Case count: 1000
  • Items per pack: 100
  • Packs per case: 10
  • Product dimensions:
    • Length: 155mm
    • Width: 35mm
    • Height: 5mm
    • Weight: 3g
  • Case dimensions & weight:
    • Length: 230mm
    • Width: 170mm
    • Depth: 262mm
    • Volume: 0.01m3
    • Gross weight: 3.000kg
    • Net weight: 2.500kg


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