70 x 210mm clear film, greaseproof NatureFlex bag

The ultimate eco, clear home compostable bag, robust and versatile. Seal with a sticker or heat sealer. Great for slices of tray bakes, or seed and nut snacks.

Made from NatureFlex, a home compostable clear film, greaseproof, made from wood pulp.
Clear for visibility.

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.



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Product Details

  • Case count: 1000
  • Items per pack: 1000
  • Packs per case: 1
  • Product dimensions & weight:
    • Length: 70mm
    • Width: 210mm
    • Weight: 1g
  • Case dimensions & weight:
    • Length: 260mm
    • Width: 150mm
    • Depth: 120mm
    • Volume: 0.005m3
    • Gross weight: 1.700kg
    • Net weight: 1.400kg


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